Silk Road

130 Bc

The silk road is one of the world’s most magical adventures. In 130BC, the silk road changed the course of history forever which makes it hard to imagine the modern world without it. Through the trading of goods, the Western and Eastern world have never been more intertwined.


The Silk Road 130BC is a fragrance which takes you north, south, east and west, an adventure in a bottle. With subtle spices such as saffron and vanilla, it brings you the shores, the magic and the timelessness of its history, you will want to make it a staple.



Stretching for centuries, the Roman empire rose and fell, defying all the odds and wrote history with the richest ink. 200BC marked the height of the glorious Roman empire where its roots were spread throughout the Western world. 


Rome 200 is derived from the natural world, from plum and forest fruits to cashmeran wood and patchouli. Rome was not built in a day and like the fragrance it will stand the test of time and live on in any room long after everyone is gone. All roads lead to Rome, a scent so rich and glorious, it speaks for itself. 



One cannot reminisce of Andalus without mentioning its history, its civilization and its museums. Andalus 711 marks the year in which the Arabs and the Spanish people mingled together, homogenizing their cultures and their heritage for years to come.


This fragrance Andalus 711 is for the bold and daring. Reminiscent of the flourishing and extravagant rich culture of Andalus, it features a long-lasting, potent scent designed to create a dramatic entrance for wherever you choose to wear it. Strong woody notes brought by amber wood and oud are immediately apparent, complemented with earthy velvety notes of saffron infused with a hint of patchouli. 



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The beginning of the renaissance began with Henry VIII, when he brought the light back to his people through progression, science and knowledge. Born in the year 1491, he grew up to be an intelligent leader, passionate about languages, he was an accomplished player of many instruments and a composer. Henry VIII ruled with a passion that created history.


Henry 1491 is a fragrance that presents warm ingredients, a combination of soft chocolate and spices, both daring with patchouli at the heart of it. Let it be a beautiful dedication that echoes a time of greatness where beauty roamed free. 



Queen Isabella of Spain ruled with unmatchable strength and determination and left the scent of her legacy pungent. Her beauty and wisdom spoke notes and volumes. A prominent part of her story was her love story and life with Emperor Charles V, the year 1526 marked the year of her wedding and the symbol of their everlasting love. Upon her death, he reintroduced the red carnation as a symbol of his love to his late wife. Isabella came to be known as the ‘Empress of the Carnation’ upon the emperor’s gesture.


This fragrance embodies an equally unmatched scent filled with sweet orange, natural moss and musk. This scent takes you to a time when Isabella ruled and all was beautiful, powerful and timeless. 



Rio de Janeiro is a captivating city where nature is robust and beats with life and light. The city was established in 1565 by the Portuguese. It is a metropolis filled with wonder and an urge to explore it. Every turn is filled with a wondrous palette that creates a home in the visitor’s memories. Rio becomes a part of everyone who visits it.


Rio 1565 is a fragrance that reflects the same sense of wonder and historical timelessness, where cashmere, cedar wood and jasmine are infused in an aromatic time capsule. It inspires the senses and represents eternal beauty and spirituality.  



The Taj stands tall under the sun, shines with golden and rose hues that expresses a love so deep. In 1653, the emperor Shah Jahan completed building the Taj Mahal which stands today as a symbol of eternity and love throughout the centuries. The memory of Shah Jahan’s wife will stay in the hearts of all those who glimpse at this wonder. 


Taj 1653 is a fragrance that carries the colors, the scents and the beauty that is India. It fills the halls with saffron, orange blossom and jasmine, a combination that enlightens the heart with love and a regal everlasting beauty. A wonder that takes you exploring the hidden corners of the world.



The story of Victoria began in 1837, a year that marked the beginning of a new era for England. Queen Victoria spread the power of art across her Kingdom, along with it came light and love. She had led her life from the heart, marrying Prince Albert and was known to have reignited her people’s passions as well. 


Acquaint yourself with aromas of the East and West that brings together a delicate balance of sweet and musky, a regal blend of grapefruit and raspberries, offset with graceful hints of patchouli and rose.

Victoria, a scent of luxury and excellence, a timeless fragrance wherever you go.



René, a purple whiff of lavender fields.
In the summer of July 1910, an accident occurred in the laboratory of René-Maurice Gattefossé, where he discovered that lavender oil was an exceptionally healing wound. This incident changed our approach to natural oils, especially lavender oil.
Lavender is a plant with many benefits as it is a natural calming nerve and treat stress and insomnia.
Renee perfume bursts with a violet light, in which one ingredient, lavender, swims. Its notes take you between fields in France, England, Italy, Australia and others. Its color is beautiful and natural and its scent revives feelings of love and comfort



1920, the empire on which the sun never sets. The British Empire was named so because of the extension of its greatness from where the sun rises to the place of its setting, so the shining of the sun does not depend on its lands. The British love of summer fruit was born from that moment on, and under the Japanese sun the British found mandarin fruit and were fascinated by its delicious taste and aroma.Savor summer through the perfume Empire 1920, as it takes you on a journey with a mixture of basil, cardamom and mandarin in its introduction, a fragrance that takes you to the British summer in the royal palaces, and then to the luxurious white musk and ends with a woody scent that makes you feel the greatness of that history.



The lily flower is a royal symbol in the Windsor family tradition. This floral beauty was the royal centerpiece during Princess Diana’s wedding as well as her son William’s wedding. This flower symbolises innocence and fertility and Lily 2011 encapsulates you in its floral essence where the lily is the main attraction. Make Lily 2011 your own, let it join you in all your occasions where it will surely be a royal guest.


Lily 2011, the fragrance that speaks of love, gentleness and beauty.